A solution to help you manage and take control of inspections on manufacturing shop floor.

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Digital checklist app for audit and inspections for manufacturing

Why dzInspect?

MetEQ dzInspect is smart solution to digitize your paper based or Excel based checklists or forms and help you take control of your shop floor audits like Layered process Audits [LPAs], Internal audits as per IATF 16949, ISO 9001 or any other Quality system. From scheduling to execution to approval and reporting, our centralized solution can help you achieve hassle free inspections like

  • 5S Audit
  • Layered Process Audit [LPA]
  • ISO 9001:2015 Audit
  • Final Visual Inspection
  • Equipment Maintenance Audit
  • ISO 45001 Audit
  • Warehouse Audit
  • Gemba walk Audit
  • GMP Audit and many more
Mobile checklist manufacturing software

 360° digital transformation for all sizes of industries


Digital Checklists on your Phone or Tablet

In order to execute routine inspections or audits on the shop floor in a defined manner, manufacturing companies have their own standardized checklists. dzInspect can digitize your checklists and the help you complete your checks much faster with higher accuracy.

Performance measurement with KPIs

According to ISO-22400, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are defined as quantifiable and strategic measurements that reflect the critical success factors of an organization. With dzInspect, you can convert your real time shop floor data into useful KPIs and Metrics and take data driven decisions. KNOW MORE

Real time dashboard for a broader view of processes

Manufacturing operations generate a lot of data. Dashboards helps in presenting the management with most useful data in real time and in a visual way that is clear and easy to understand and help them take timely corrective actions. dzInspect helps you acquire data and provide real time custom dashboards. KNOW MORE


No need to rely on paper based checklists

Ease of access

dzInspect works on your phone, tablet and PC, thus making your routine inspection tasks much more easier.

Customized checklists

With dzInspect, you can digitize your own paper based checklists and get data as you want, when you want.

Schedule Inspections

Get Email reminders on due date and adhere to company's Inspection schedules to ensure on-time delivery.

Attach files

dzInspect allows you to click pictures of  your defective parts in line, with your mobile or tablet. You can also attach reference images or documents for better clarity.

Smart Analytics

Gather useful insights, identify bottlenecks in your manufacturing processes and trigger corrective actions.

Drive results

Get a holistic view of your various on going manufacturing processes with customizable KPI's and measure your progress.

All-in-One Checklist Application for Manufacturing Industry

Customized forms

dzInspect can mould according to your business requirements and help you digitize your custom checklists or forms. You can add pictures, documents, e-signatures etc. so that there is no gap in your inspection process. Automatic Emails or notifications can be triggered, once the information is collected by the user on shop floor.

digital checklist application for inspections and audits manufacturing
Manufacturing audits and inspection software

Smart workflows

Paper based checklists are subject to incomplete information. dzInspect ensures complete information is recorded by the user by adding mandatory fields. Based on user's inputs, the checklists will take shape in real time, thus allowing seamless data collection.

Real-time Analytics

Quality is one of the main differentiator among companies in today’s competitive market. With dzInspect's robust reporting flexibility, you'll get useful insights regarding your process. You can ensure product quality by detecting defects at early stages and by taking timely corrective actions.

Custom Manufacturing Dashboard KPI

Checklists for Manufacturing Industry


 5S Audit Checklist

Machine / Equipment Maintenance Checklist

Visual Inspection Checklist

Risk Assessment Checklist

Warehouse Inspection Checklist

Part Inspection Checklist

Workplace Inspection Checklist

Internal Audit Checklist

Pre Production Checklist

Health and Safety Audit Checklist

Layered Process Audit Checklist

Manufacturing Quality Control Checklist

Lean Audit Checklist

Electrical Safety Audit Checklist

Supplier Quality Audit Checklist

ISO 9001: 2015 Checklist

Mobile app for manufacturing inspection and audits- digital checklist app
  • Saves up to 30% of your time
  • Ensure compliance to Quality systems
  • Return on Investment within 2-3 months
Software for manufacturing audits and Inspections checklist

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